Nowadays, a lot of Filipinos are choosing to shop online – and we take that advantage to help people like you who might be looking for a nice gift to your bubble tea aficionado friend. Have you heard about Etsy? It’s a peer-to-peer e-commerce website based in the U.S., focusing on handmade or vintage items and supplies. We have found a handful of “indie” crafty sellers who offer irresistibly cute gifts for bubble tea lovers. Don’t worry about converting the price, because Etsy now ships products to our country.


Proceed with caution though, as you may be overwhelmed with cuteness. We won’t blame you if you end up buying two: one for you and one for your friend or significant other.


1. Boba Bubble Tea Zipper Pouch – Coin Purse

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Instagram: @emandsprout


This zipper pouch with adorable bubble tea pattern is sure to brighten up your day – and your bag.


Click here to buy for Php 360.82


2. Bubble Tea Plushies Soft Pillow Cushion

Instagram: @Lumishkabibble


This soft, cushiony bubble tea plushies will make your dreams sweeter!


Click here to buy for Php 1,093.75


3. Bubble Tea Crochets

Instagram: @knottooshabbycrochet


This bubble tea crochet can be displayed on top of your work desk, nightstand, or coffee table. We bet even your grandma can’t resist its cuteness!


Click here to buy for Php 953.61


4. Doubi Bunny Keychain

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Instagram: @doubi_bunny


If you’re a fan of bunnies and bubble teas, this cool-bunny-drinking-a-bubble-tea will speak for your personality.


Click here to buy for Php 515.46


5. Bubble Tea Sticky Note Pad

Instagram: @simplygilded


Neon-colored sticky notes are overrated. If you know a friend or officemate who loves bubble tea as much as you do, give them this adorable bubble tea sticky note. Who doesn’t love a sweet reminder anyway?


Click here to buy for Php 231.96


6. Bubble Tea A5 Notebook

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Instagram: @myamiteas


Love collecting stationeries? This colorful bubble tea 15 notebook will make you puke rainbows!


Click here to buy for Php 600.00


7. Strawberry Bubble Tea Earrings

Instagram: @obsessioriesLA


What’s special about this strawberry boba tea stud earrings from Obessories LA is that it’s hypoallergenic and nickel-free. So don’t worry about irritating your ears. This adorable jewelry will add a pretty feature to your look in a safe way!


Click here to buy for Php 512.89


8. Boba Fett-Tea 100% Lightweight Cotton Tote

Instagram: @bellaandbowhi


 Tired of your statement tote bags? Replace them with this sweet-looking bubble tea tote!


Click here to buy for Php 773.20


9. Milk Tea Boba Chalk Bag

Instagram: @chalkbums


Do you have a climber or mountaineer friend who is a bubble tea fan? Have this cute milk tea boba chalk bag accompany him/her to his/her adventure!


Click here for Php 2,574.74


10. Boba Soap

Instagram: @skindulgences


This boba soap hand-made from goat’s milk will make your skin look, feel, and smell yummy!


Click here to buy for Php 335.05+


11. Swarovski Crystal Bubble Tea iPhone 6 Plus and 6S Plus Case

Instagram: @Luxealoha


Protect your iPhone in a deliciously stylish way with this Swarovski Crystal Bubble Tea iPhone case.


Click here to buy for Php 1,185.57


12. Bubble Tea Magnetic Bookmark

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Instagram: @craftedvan


Do you love reading? Let this cutesy magnetic bubble tea bookmark make your favorite book look more appealing!


Click here to buy for Php 253.91


13. Bubble Tea Kit

Instagram: @sandyleaffarm


Looking for cute gifts for bubble tea lovers that everyone will enjoy? This bubble tea kit is sure to take your tea party to the next level!


Click here to buy for Php 532.67


14. Bubble Tea Greeting Card

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Instagram: @myamiteas


Tell your significant other you two are a perfect Match-a with this adorable bubble tea greeting card. You can find more card designs on this link.


Click here to buy for Php 199.33


15. Cute Bubble Tea Washi Tape

Instagram: @beaglecakesart


Now, who can resist these winking bubble teas in a vibrant washi tape, huh?


Click here to buy for Php 360.82+


Aren’t they bubble-licious? Which among these cute gifts for bubble tea lovers do you find perfect?


Have we told you that aside of best-selling bubble teas, we also offer merchandise items that you can gift to your friend, family member, or significant other, as well? Check our signature items now! And when you find one to your liking, head to your nearest Serenitea branch to purchase it!


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