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Tea Traditions of the World that Will Amaze You [Infographic]

Tea has proved a lot of powerful, healthy benefits since the ancient times. That’s why it’s not shocking to know that it’s the most-consumed drink in the world next to water. To prove our long-time patriotism to teas, we’ll take

7 Tea-Drinking Countries Every Tea Enthusiasts Must Visit [Infographic]

While Filipinos are true-blood tea lovers, it is surprising to know that the Philippines isn’t the only country that loves tea. It has also been a household staple in different parts of the globe. Here are top tea-drinking countries where

5 Surprising Reasons Why Millennials Love Drinking Tea

A lot of people say that millennial is the most stressed generation today. They are expected to be at their best as they try to balance relationship, career, family, and other things. It is not surprising why most of them

6 Important Things to Consider Before Having a Tea Business [Infographic]

It is every tea lover’s dream to have a tea business of his/her own. Not only is it a perfect way to gain new friends but also a good idea to enjoy your favorite cup while earning. If you’re thinking

10 Telltale Signs that Someone Is a True-Blood Tea Lover

It is easy to recognize if someone likes something. Either they talk about it or you can see it with their stuff. But how do you know a tea lover? Here’s how to spot a true-blood tea fan.
1. You think

8 Surprising Reasons to Drink Tea and Make it a Habit

There are a lot of reasons why we love tea. From its indulging flavors to its health benefits, tea lovers would agree that this drink can brighten up one’s day. Whether it is served hot or cold, there’s always something

5 Undeniable Answers to Why Filipino Teens Love Bubble Teas

Bubble tea is so appreciated in the Philippines that it’s almost impossible to count the bubble tea shops in our country. What’s more delighting to know is that teenagers and students are its biggest fans. So what’s with the hype

7 Kinds of Green Tea and Their Surprising Health Benefits

Tea lovers would agree that green tea is one of its most popular variants. Apart from its distinct flavor, it is also known for its many health benefits. Here are different kinds of green tea to choose from:
1. Gun powder

8 Unique Gifts for Tea Lovers Your Buddy Would Wish For

Christmas is just around the corner. Few weeks from now and everyone will be busy with reunions, parties, and of course, exchange gifts. Make sure to check your list twice to find out who’s been naughty and nice. Don’t forget

5 Obvious Reasons Why Milk Tea is So Popular in the Philippines

Since milk tea started to become so popular in in the Philippines in 2012, we have loved it and couldn’t let go. If you’re one of those who wonder why milk tea is so addictive and popular in our country,