Who doesn’t love milk tea? This flavorful beverage has become one of our favorite companions to survive a dull, boring day. Well, every day is the best time to drink milk tea, but there are perfect instances where you can enjoy its best flavor such as the following:


1. When you’re bored.

Bored at home or at work? Let your favorite milk tea splash lively flavors to your dull mood. Milk tea is rich in L-Theanine: an incredible mood booster that will surely uplift your spirit with just a sip. So if you’re having a boring day, let milk tea save your day!


2. When you’re sad or upset.

Stress can lead to sadness – and worse- depression. But didn’t you know that milk tea can provide you comfort in a refreshing way? According to DrHealthBenefits.com, milk tea has antioxidants that help combat stress. Now, before sadness turn into anxiety, a hot milk tea is much recommended as a delicious anti-depressant.


3. When you want to catch up with your friends.

Sometimes, we find our own rooms too small (or too dirty – as our moms always say) for a great hangout with our barkada. Thus, we find cool places where we can catch up with them while lounging in a comfortable couch and enjoying a refreshing drink.


If you’re looking for the same cozy hangout place, a tea shop is   a perfect choice. Don’t forget to pair up the wonderful reunion with your favorite milk tea flavors for more fun.


4. When you prefer to concentrate.

When it comes to choosing a study or work companion, we all know that coffee is the popular choice. But too much coffee can lead to Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), dehydration, hyperacidity, or hypertension. Meanwhile, tea composes the same amount of caffeine as coffee has – sans the dehydrating side effect, let alone it’s richer in antioxidant. Don’t forget that adding milk infuses this healthy drink with calcium and minerals.


5. When you hang out with your family.

Because nothing beats a simple yet refreshing treat from a family member who’s been promoted, or has received his/her first pay at work!


6. When you’re in the mood to treat someone.

Milk tea is not only known for its wide variety of flavors, toppings, and sinkers. It’s also recognized for its affordable value. So if you’re in the mood to treat your partner, friend, or family member without compromising your budget, a cup of milk tea will do just right.


7. When you’re just up for a chill.

A milk tea in an ordinary day, keeps the boredom away!


8. When you’re craving for a particular taste or flavor.

Every tea shop offers a variety of flavors. So if you’re craving for your favorite fruit or dessert with a twist, head straight to your favorite shop to satisfy your appetite. Do you want to find out how your favorite sweet treat tastes like when mixed with milk tea? Check out our Facebook page to discover our limited edition flavors you should not miss!


9. When you’re looking for something to beat the summer heat with.

As Filipinos, we share a common thought that only tourists enjoy the summer heat in our country. Hello, ang hirap kaya! It’s the season when your electric bill starts to increase, because it’s hard to turn off the electric fan. Ang init, bes! But luckily, aside of our BFF Halo-Halo, there’s other refreshment we can count on to beat this madness – milk tea!


10. When you want to try a new flavor.

Today’s top milk tea shops (just like us) offer their drinks in a more fun way where you can customize your drink from different choices of sinkers – to toppings. If you want to enjoy a different taste of your favorite dessert, treat, or fruit, head to your nearest milk tea shop for a refreshing discovery!


Which among these do you find the best time to drink milk tea? Whatever you feel, as long as you’re looking for refreshment, go to the top milk tea shop in the Philippines, Serenitea! Visit our nearest store and indulge on our best-selling milk tea drinks!


Sources: DrHealthBenefits.com, Health Ambition