5 Obvious Reasons Why Milk Tea is So Popular in the Philippines

Since milk tea started to become so popular in in the Philippines in 2012, we have loved it and couldn’t let go. If you’re one of those who wonder why milk tea is so addictive and popular in our country,

2017 Serenitea Diary

Record your memorable moments in the 2017 Serenitea Diary. Customers receive a free 2017 Serenitea Diary for every single receipt purchase worth Php 1,000.00. Valid for delivery, dine-in, and take out transactions. Or simply purchase the diary for only Php

6 Most Loved Tea Flavors Every Tea Lover Craves For

Tea has won the hearts of many Filipinos. Its distinct and refreshing taste makes it one of the most popular drinks in the country. Whether it is served hot or cold, tea-lovers would agree that adding unique flavor to it

10 Interesting Facts about Tea You’ll Love to Know [Infographic]

You can’t say no to tea. Whether it is served hot or cold, you will surely appreciate its soothing taste, which makes it one of the most popular drinks around the world. While it gives us the benefits of having

Bataan Store Opening

It is now your turn to bond with family and friends and enjoy the signature drinks of Manila’s favorite tea shop. Visit our newly opened local branch in Vista Mall, Bataan located at the second floor near the cinema area.

4 Things that Make Tea Shop a Relaxing Place

Tea shops are always a perfect place to unwind. It is one of the favorite go-to places of those who had a stressful and tiring day at work or even at school. It has been backed by science that drinking

3 Reasons Why There’s a Tea Craze in the Philippines

Filipinos equally love coffee and tea. It is not surprising why Starbucks and Serenitea are household names when we talk about these drinks. Gone are the days when tea is only given to the old and sick. You will see

10 Things to Consider in Finding the Best Tea Shop in Town [Infographic]

We, modern Filipinos are undeniably adventurous. Despite having our own preferences, we don’t mind trying new things, traveling to different places, and tasting new foods and drinks. When it comes to bubble teas, we’re always up for a tasty adventure.

The Incredible Benefits of Drinking Bubble Tea

Some of us have painted bubble tea in a bad light because of a viral incident about two people who were poisoned by their bubble tea drink. Despite such news, bubble tea remains a popular beverage, judging from tight competition

34 Common Terms that Mean Differently in Tea Industry

Have you ever heard someone in the teashop say, “I love the nose of this tea.” And you thought you misheard it? Was there an instance when you thought a person is using the wrong term to describe his/her tea’s