8 All-Time Favorite Milk Teas of Filipinos

After reading a handful of online reviews and intriguing our friends on social media about their preferences, we have finally come up with this list of Filipino’s all-time favorite milk tea flavors. Here are the 8 of them:
8. Chocolate Milk

Get Weird: Unusual Bubble Tea Flavors You Need to Know

Think you already know all the bubble tea flavors in town? Get ready to intrigue your taste buds as we list down these weird bubble tea flavors that you might want to try or not at all:





Spicy Mango Bubble Tea


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They say, “You are what you drink.” How can you say you’re living a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle if you fill your fridge with sodas and junk foods? When it comes to healthy beverages, we all know that tea is always

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Having a bad mood won’t make us less human. We cannot avoid it, especially when something or someone is getting into our nerves. Good thing that apart from friends and activities that can help shoo that bad feeling away, there’s

Now Brewing: Incredible Health Benefits of Earl Grey Tea

“Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.” – Patrick Stewart/ Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek movie
What is an Earl Grey Tea?
Earl Grey tea is a flavored tea with oil from the rind of Bergamot orange – a citrus fruit mostly grown in Italy. According to

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The Ultimate List of Sinkers for Your Bubble Tea

Fact: Bubble tea actually refers to the bubble foam atop of the drink after it’s been shaken, not from the Tapioca Pearls.
But bubble tea isn’t complete without sinkers, right? Sinkers are complimentary ingredients that enhance or add flavor to a

All You Need to Know about the History of Milk Tea

Ah, milk tea. When we’re drinking this amazing drink at home or at the best milk tea place, the refreshing experience we get is incomparable. Thanks big time to the Europeans who were first to try mixing tea and milk.

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Pairing tea with food can be a grueling task to casual drinkers or beginners who mostly have little to no knowledge about the different tastes, blends, and textures of teas. Sadly, this is one of the major causes why some

Hilarious Signs Your Milk Tea Addiction is Getting Out of Hand

Milk teas never cease to satisfy us, especially during the excruciating heat of summer season. What’s more amazing about them is their wide variety of flavors and sinkers to mix-and-match with. No doubt there are people who are beyond the