6 Incredible Health Wonders of Drinking Matcha Tea

When we hear the word “Matcha” or “Matcha Green Tea,” we automatically picture out a bright green drink in a porcelain mug beside a bamboo whisk. Thanks to the Japanese Zen Buddhists who continued the process after the Chinese decided

10 Types of Bubble Tea Drinkers You’ll Meet

Avid bubble tea drinkers share a common habit: Indulge on their favorite bubble tea drink at any time of the day. We spend years in the business serving customers with unique choices of flavors, and that’s how we realized that

10 Incredible Bubble Tea Facts You Should Know [Infographic]

Bubble tea is one of the most popular beverages to Filipinos, especially during hot summer days. Have you ever wondered how it was discovered? As many have documented, back in 1988, a product development manager of a teahouse in Taichung,

Essential Health Benefits of Adding Milk to Green Tea

A bit of milk goes a long way. Green tea is not just plain, clear green tea anymore. People now spice up their favorite tea by adding milk to it. Although it may sound “gross” to avid green tea fans,

Tasty Chemistry: Key Components of Bubble Tea

Bubble tea is a fun drink known for its wide variety of flavors, selection of sinkers, and unique taste. Although most of us already know how this drink is made, still there are avid drinkers who think, “How do they

Things Only Avid Milk Tea Lovers Can Relate

There are two types of milk tea fans: regular and avid. No matter which type you are, if you love milk teas or bubble teas, we guarantee that you can relate 100% to the following:
Small is okay, medium is good,