Having a bad mood won’t make us less human. We cannot avoid it, especially when something or someone is getting into our nerves. Good thing that apart from friends and activities that can help shoo that bad feeling away, there’s one bubbly drink that can turn our grump into smile.


Chill out with these decadent bubble tea flavors that will give every mood a quick fix!


Physically and mentally drained?

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Chocolates are best known to making people, especially children, proactive and ‘hyper’. That’s why chocolate-flavored bubble teas are your perfect drink companion to regenerate your energy and stamina.


Must-try: Malty Choco Milk Tea, Milo Dino, and Cocoa Cookies & Cream




Stressed out?

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Teas are popular stress relievers. If you’re being overwhelmed by a stack of paper works or assignments, a cup of green tea or Matcha tea will give your mind, body, and soul a perfect Chi.


Must-try: Double Green Tea Ice Cream Drink, Matcha Latte, and Uji Pyramid




Thirsty but don’t like water?

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Some of us think water is fine, but can be too bland at times. If you’re looking for a refreshing drink that feels just like water but tastier, then a cup of ice-cold Assam Tea will do just great.


Must-try: Iced Assam Black Tea, Peach Madness FT, and Lychee FT




Feeling hot and irritated in a humid weather?

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Fruit-infused tea flavors make exceptional thirst quenchers in a hot, humid weather. So have a cup full for yourself before you lose your cool.


Must-try: All our refreshing fruit teas




Need to boost creativity?

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Vibrant and complex bubble tea flavors don’t just throw party in your mouth. They bring back the colors in your mood in your most uncreative days.


Must-try: Cranberry FT, Grapefruit FT, and Taro Ice Cream Drink




Missing your childhood years?

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Yakult is associated with every Filipino’s childhood; so if you’re missing your favorite childhood drink with a twist, go with fruit-flavored Yakult drinks.


Must-try: Grapefruit Yakult, Lychee Yakult, Mango Yakult, and Green Apple Yakult




Feeling plain and casual?

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Add vibe to plain mood with classic flavors! Bubble tea flavors such as Okinawa MT, Hokkaido MT, and the classic Wintermelon MT will splash bright colors to your taste, making your ordinary day extraordinary.


Must-try: Hokkaido MT, Okinawa MT, Royal MT, Wintermelon MT, Emperor MT, and Black Dragon MT




Dozing off?

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You want to stay awake and finish your paper works, but your eyes tell you to hit the bed and submit them late instead? Knock off your sleepy ego with Chaffe Milk Tea. Not only does it taste great, but its tea-and-coffee combo will surely keep you up without the sugar rush.


Must-try: Chaffe Milk Tea (Can be served hot or ice-cold)


Have you found a bubble tea drink for your mood? Head to your nearest Serenitea store and have a taste of any of our top-selling milk tea flavors. We assure there’s no bad mood that a cup of our bubble tea can’t fix.


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