Unusual Drinks from Unique Bubble Tea Shops Around The World

In today’s technology-dominated society, we can easily keep up with the latest food trends on social media. Thanks to Buzzfeed, Insider, Spoon University, and other popular blog sites, we can “virtually” explore cafes and restaurants overseas, where food creates huge

Yummy Bubble Tea Flavors Your Kids Will Totally Love [Infographic]

As parents, all we want is the best for our little ones. We always ensure the clothes they wear, the toys they play, and the food they eat, and the beverages the drink are safe for them and their health.

15 Irresistibly Cute Bubble Tea Gift Ideas You Can Find on Etsy

Nowadays, a lot of Filipinos are choosing to shop online – and we take that advantage to help people like you who might be looking for a nice gift to your bubble tea aficionado friend. Have you heard about Etsy?

5 Undeniable Answers to Why Filipino Teens Love Bubble Teas

Bubble tea is so appreciated in the Philippines that it’s almost impossible to count the bubble tea shops in our country. What’s more delighting to know is that teenagers and students are its biggest fans. So what’s with the hype

The Incredible Benefits of Drinking Bubble Tea

Some of us have painted bubble tea in a bad light because of a viral incident about two people who were poisoned by their bubble tea drink. Despite such news, bubble tea remains a popular beverage, judging from tight competition

Get Weird: Unusual Bubble Tea Flavors You Need to Know

Think you already know all the bubble tea flavors in town? Get ready to intrigue your taste buds as we list down these weird bubble tea flavors that you might want to try or not at all:





Spicy Mango Bubble Tea


Refreshing Bubble Tea Flavors for Every Mood

Having a bad mood won’t make us less human. We cannot avoid it, especially when something or someone is getting into our nerves. Good thing that apart from friends and activities that can help shoo that bad feeling away, there’s

The Perfect Bubble Tea Flavor for Each Zodiac Sign [Infographic]

Admit it. Whether you believe or not, you still check out your daily horoscope on the newspaper. Don’t worry, we do the same too. But this time, in a refreshing and tasty approach. Want to know the perfect bubble tea

10 Types of Bubble Tea Drinkers You’ll Meet

Avid bubble tea drinkers share a common habit: Indulge on their favorite bubble tea drink at any time of the day. We spend years in the business serving customers with unique choices of flavors, and that’s how we realized that

10 Incredible Bubble Tea Facts You Should Know [Infographic]

Bubble tea is one of the most popular beverages to Filipinos, especially during hot summer days. Have you ever wondered how it was discovered? As many have documented, back in 1988, a product development manager of a teahouse in Taichung,