Scrumptious Tea Desserts And Treats That Are Drool-Worthy

Before milk tea came into the Philippines, we used to think that tea is just a bland, grassy drink that can’t be paired to a food, or can’t be used as an ingredient. Good thing that was before. Did you

6 Reasons Why Opening a Milk Tea Shop is a Great Small Business Idea

Taiwan milk tea has successfully made its way to the Philippines and to our hearts. This bodacious invasion helped small business owners earn big time and establish their own milk tea brands – but that was 6 years ago. How

Things You Should Know Before Trying Milk Tea for the First Time [Infographic]

Coffee, aside of being the most consumed drink in the world, is also Filipino’s first choice of drink. According to GMA News, coffee is “intrinsic in almost every Filipino” and on an average, we consume 2.5 cups of it per

5 Easy Recipes to Making the Best Milk Tea at Home [Infographic]

It’s officially summer in the Philippines! Here come the days that we prefer to stay at home and sit in front of the electric fan to keep us sane from the crazy summer heat! As much as we want to

10 GIFs That Show the Best Time to Drink Milk Tea

Who doesn’t love milk tea? This flavorful beverage has become one of our favorite companions to survive a dull, boring day. Well, every day is the best time to drink milk tea, but there are perfect instances where you can

8 All-Time Favorite Milk Teas of Filipinos

After reading a handful of online reviews and intriguing our friends on social media about their preferences, we have finally come up with this list of Filipino’s all-time favorite milk tea flavors. Here are the 8 of them:
8. Chocolate Milk

Replace Coffee and Sodas with These 10 Incredibly Healthy Teas

They say, “You are what you drink.” How can you say you’re living a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle if you fill your fridge with sodas and junk foods? When it comes to healthy beverages, we all know that tea is always

All You Need to Know about the History of Milk Tea

Ah, milk tea. When we’re drinking this amazing drink at home or at the best milk tea place, the refreshing experience we get is incomparable. Thanks big time to the Europeans who were first to try mixing tea and milk.

Hilarious Signs Your Milk Tea Addiction is Getting Out of Hand

Milk teas never cease to satisfy us, especially during the excruciating heat of summer season. What’s more amazing about them is their wide variety of flavors and sinkers to mix-and-match with. No doubt there are people who are beyond the

Things Only Avid Milk Tea Lovers Can Relate

There are two types of milk tea fans: regular and avid. No matter which type you are, if you love milk teas or bubble teas, we guarantee that you can relate 100% to the following:
Small is okay, medium is good,