10 Reasons That Tell Tea is Better Than Coffee [Infographic]

Many people spite tea because of its strong, leafy taste. In fact, some people joke that it tastes like “dirty water.” We can’t blame them with that because coffee, indeed, has more delicate flavor and better aroma. But for now,

Awesome Ways to Finding the Top Tea Store in the Neighborhood

Filipinos are naturally curious. We always want to know   if something is worth the hype or people just want to conform to the trend. If you’re a milk tea fan, I’m sure that despite of already having your sure pick,

Things You Should Know Before Trying Milk Tea for the First Time [Infographic]

Coffee, aside of being the most consumed drink in the world, is also Filipino’s first choice of drink. According to GMA News, coffee is “intrinsic in almost every Filipino” and on an average, we consume 2.5 cups of it per

5 Surprising Reasons Why Millennials Love Drinking Tea

A lot of people say that millennial is the most stressed generation today. They are expected to be at their best as they try to balance relationship, career, family, and other things. It is not surprising why most of them

6 Important Things to Consider Before Having a Tea Business [Infographic]

It is every tea lover’s dream to have a tea business of his/her own. Not only is it a perfect way to gain new friends but also a good idea to enjoy your favorite cup while earning. If you’re thinking

10 Telltale Signs that Someone Is a True-Blood Tea Lover

It is easy to recognize if someone likes something. Either they talk about it or you can see it with their stuff. But how do you know a tea lover? Here’s how to spot a true-blood tea fan.
1. You think

8 Surprising Reasons to Drink Tea and Make it a Habit

There are a lot of reasons why we love tea. From its indulging flavors to its health benefits, tea lovers would agree that this drink can brighten up one’s day. Whether it is served hot or cold, there’s always something

4 Things that Make Tea Shop a Relaxing Place

Tea shops are always a perfect place to unwind. It is one of the favorite go-to places of those who had a stressful and tiring day at work or even at school. It has been backed by science that drinking

3 Reasons Why There’s a Tea Craze in the Philippines

Filipinos equally love coffee and tea. It is not surprising why Starbucks and Serenitea are household names when we talk about these drinks. Gone are the days when tea is only given to the old and sick. You will see

10 Things to Consider in Finding the Best Tea Shop in Town [Infographic]

We, modern Filipinos are undeniably adventurous. Despite having our own preferences, we don’t mind trying new things, traveling to different places, and tasting new foods and drinks. When it comes to bubble teas, we’re always up for a tasty adventure.