“Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.” – Patrick Stewart/ Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek movie


What is an Earl Grey Tea?

Earl Grey tea is a flavored tea with oil from the rind of Bergamot orange – a citrus fruit mostly grown in Italy. According to World Tea News, there are varieties of traditional Earl Grey tea blend such as Lady Grey, Earl Grey tea blend with cornflower blooms; Russian Earl Grey, Earl Grey with citrus peels; and Red Earl Grey, Rooibos and Bergamot blended tea).


The Earl Grey tea is named after Charles Grey (1764-1845), an English aristocrat and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 1830 until 1834. Charles inherited the title, “Earl” when his father deceased in 1807, but the reason why he was associated with the tea is still unknown.


If you’re planning to revamp your lifestyle and switch to taking healthy foods and beverages, you may want to put Earl Grey tea on top of your list. Here’s why:


Induces Lose Weight

Weight loss is one of the popular effects of Earl Grey tea. Thanks a lot to its citrus extract that helps improve metabolism to quickly burn fats. So why count calories or get on a full-veggie diet when drinking Earl Grey tea can help you shed some pounds? To give it a boost, squeeze some lemon juice in your cup.


Lowers Risk of Heart Diseases

Another significant health benefit of Earl Grey tea is that it shrinks your risk of heart disease. According to a study from the University of Catanzaro in Italy, as cited by Lifehack, over 200 patients with high levels of blood fats found that LDL or bad cholesterol was “reduced” by 39%, blood sugar by 22%, and 41% increase of good cholesterol after a month of taking Earl Grey extract. Not only it’s good for the heart, but it’s also perceived to aid people suffering from Diabetes.


Relieves Stress

Caffeine is known as a central nervous system stimulant that can be found commonly in coffee. Earl Grey tea may not contain the same amount of caffeine as coffee, but it’s enough to boost your energy throughout the day. What makes it better is that it provides a stress relief effect, soothes your body, and lets you fall asleep at night.


Acts As a Cold Relief

The Bergamot extract found in Earl Grey tea is said to be rich in antitoxins that kill cold-causing viruses. That’s why it’s considered as one of the most effective, natural remedies for cold and fever.



Unlike coffee’s dehydrating properties, Earl Grey is rich in potassium that balances out your body fluids to keep you hydrated. Plus it has no calories, so it’s not only good for your skin but to your body, as well.


Strengthens Teeth

Earl Grey is also good for your oral health as it is high in Catechin, an antioxidant known to fight oral infections and fluoride that protects your teeth from cavities and battles decay.


Boosts Digestion

Aside from weight loss effect, Earl Grey is known to aid digestion process as well. According to Corina Dondas of AllWomensTalk, drinking Earl Grey tea helps relieve painful digestion, colic, and nausea and used to treat intestinal problems such as worms. See? This is the holy grail of teas!


The Bergamot aroma in Earl Grey has a calming effect that replaces a person’s feelings of depression, anxiety, fear, and stress. So if you feel depressed, stress, sad, or anxious, a cuppa Earl Grey tea will never fail to relax and rejuvenate your soul.


Prevents Cancer

Drinking a cup of Earl Grey tea suffices the required amount of antioxidants for your body to fight off free radicals that cause cancer. But not only it protects you from life-threatening diseases, its antioxidants is also known to keep your skin healthy and youthful.


Earl Grey tea isn’t only known for its untapped health benefits, it’s also believed to make you look and stay young. Have your first sip of “the fountain of youth in a cup” at one of the best tea shops in Manila, Serenitea! Browse our website for new products or contact us for messages and inquiries today!



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