Filipinos are naturally curious. We always want to know   if something is worth the hype or people just want to conform to the trend. If you’re a milk tea fan, I’m sure that despite of already having your sure pick, you’re still curious to look for a top tea store that might serve a better version of your favorite milk tea.


Don’t worry, we don’t see it as being unfaithful to your favorite drink or shop. Besides, who doesn’t love to explore while your taste buds are still working well? If you’re – in fact – looking for a top tea store near you, these tips are guaranteed to make the job a piece of cake to you:


Plan Ahead

How many tea shops are there around your neighborhood? Do you plan to explore them all or only the popular ones? How long will your “tea adventure” take? How much are you willing to spend for it?  Before you begin your search, it’s important that you properly plan it first. This will help you keep a good track of your expenses, timeframe, and the list of tea shops you’re interested to visit.


Ask People

One of the quick and effective ways to know the top tea store in town is through the word of mouth. You can either conduct a survey online or ask residents you know for suggestions. For instance, you can make a public post on Facebook saying, “Which tea shop in Parañaque serve the best Hong Kong milk tea?” You can also find and join groups of tea or milk tea enthusiasts if you prefer a more direct and guaranteed recommendations.


Know it from a local food blogger

Do you want to know the top tea store straight from a legit foodie? Google search is the way! You may use keyphrases such as “top tea store ph,” “best milk tea shop in the Philippines,” or “milk tea shops review ph” and Google will reveal an endless list of food and drink blogs that can help you with   your search.


Read Reviews

Speaking of food blogging, there are restaurant search and online applications such as Zomato that can give you the information about a particular restaurant, café, fast food chain, or tea shop. All you need to do is to download it from your app store, turn on your location, and type the name of the tea shop on the search box. There you’ll see the store’s rating, menu, photos, and reviews from the people who visited and their take on the drinks.


Yes, we’re on Zomato, too! Type our brand on the search box, and click the branch near you so you’ll know why we’re one of the best tea shops in the country!


With these helpful ways to finding the top tea store in your neighborhood, we’re sure you can now create an organized checklist of tea shops to explore! Speaking of top tea store, don’t forget to include Serenitea to your list! We cater the country’s best-tasting milk teas that are guaranteed to make you come back for another cup. Here, you might find our different blend of your favorite milk tea flavor from our online menu!