As parents, all we want is the best for our little ones. We always ensure the clothes they wear, the toys they play, and the food they eat, and the beverages the drink are safe for them and their health. Speaking of healthy drinks, we know that milk tea is a safe choice of drink as it contains a handful of nutrients that our body needs. Are there instance you’re afraid your child won’t like this healthy drink as much as you do? Don’t worry. Make his first bubble experience fun and yummy as we list down bubble tea flavors for kids in this infographic.

about bubble tea flavors for kids: infographic  

What do you think of these bubble tea flavors for kids? If you already have them tried any of these, share their thoughts in the comments below!


Let your children experience our healthy and best-selling bubble tea flavors! But be alert, though. Our pearl add-ons can be choking hazard to children, so don’t forget to remind them to chew it first before swallowing. You wouldn’t want them to miss the joy of chewing this fun sinker, would you? Check out our store locator to help you visit the top milk tea shop in the Philippines near you!


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