Taiwan milk tea has successfully made its way to the Philippines and to our hearts. This bodacious invasion helped small business owners earn big time and establish their own milk tea brands – but that was 6 years ago. How about now? Is opening a milk tea business in the Philippines still a good idea?


Yes, it’s still is. Because aside from the fact that it’s excruciatingly hot and humid in this country (and a cup of ice-cold milk tea will make us feel so much better), here are 6 more reasons that tell milk tea is still a fantastic small business choice.


1. It’s cost-effective.

Choosing milk tea or bubble tea to startup your small business is a perfect decision, especially if you have limited budget. A search on Google for “milk tea franchise cost” in the country resulted in milk tea stand franchise for as low as 10,000 pesos from OLX and Pinoy Entrepreneur.


2. It caters customers of all ages.

Apart from the fact that milk tea is perfect for the Philippine tropical weather, it also fits consumers of all ages. With a handful of flavors that a milk tea store caters, there’s surely no consumer to be left out. They can customize their drinks based on the flavor, sweetness, and even toppings.


3. It offers wider variety of flavors than coffee shops.

Another reason why customers keep coming back to milk tea shops is that it offers wider choice of flavors than coffee shops do. For example, coffee shops only serve whipped cream, syrup, and certain toppings for their drinks. Bubble tea shops on the other hand, cater ice cream, whipped cream, fruit juices, or syrups to their drinks. Not only that, the toppings can go from boba, tapioca peal, egg pudding, chocolate pudding, grass jelly, or beans.


4. It’s loved mostly by young consumers.

Teenagers, students, and young professionals are the biggest patrons of milk tea. Why so? There are actually many reasons why. Listing them one-by-one will make this article lengthy. But you can go check out our other article on why Millennials love drinking tea, and answers to why Filipino teens love bubble teas.


5. Owners can personalize their shops to make it more attractive to customers.

When you go to shopping malls, I’m sure you notice that every milk tea shop showcases its distinct color scheme, furniture, and ambiance. So if you’re to consider a milk tea business in the Philippines, you will have the opportunity to personalize not just your brand, but your store, as well.


This is also why it attracts young entrepreneurs. It gives them the “freedom” to customize their own milk tea shops, and make it a more comfortable place to hang out.


6. Milk tea shops give cozier, fun, and homey ambiance.

According to co-founder and general manager of Tea Generation, Vernie Cobreros-Farro (as cited by Renz Lyndon Paguio of Entrepreneur Philippines), people want to “socialize more.” So instead of going to coffee shops that have serious and formal ambiance (perfect for coworking), they go to milk tea shops instead – as it gives them that cozy, home-like feel. Plunge in that big bean bag chair!


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