Top Tea Shop: The Story

Serenitea, the country’s top tea shop today, first opened in December 19, 2008. Back then, our country was a predominately coffee drinking populace. It was Serenitea that first introduced the brewing of tea using an espresso machine in our country, with the added option of allowing our customers to customize their drinks such as the sweetness level and sinkers in a well-designed tea shop ambiance.


We introduced tea drinking in the framework of the coffee industry and garnered wide success among the Filipinos. From our pioneer branch in San Juan, Serenitea quickly grew to thirty(30) branches in just five years.


Currently, we also have branches located in the Southern part of the Philippines, in Cebu and Davao City. Serenitea is constantly looking forward to expand its reach to other provincial areas in the country. Moreover, plans are on the way to open its first international branch in the coming future.

serenitea tea store


milk tea shop


We assure that Serenitea creates quality drinks and well-balanced products that are suited to the needs of our customers. Our promise is to give indulgence and rejuvenation in every cup of drink we serve. Aside from making high quality products, we also provide a serene ambiance conducive to bonding and relaxation.



Mission & Vision

Serenitea creates balanced and rejuvenating beverage experiences that enrich lives.