In today’s technology-dominated society, we can easily keep up with the latest food trends on social media. Thanks to Buzzfeed, Insider, Spoon University, and other popular blog sites, we can “virtually” explore cafes and restaurants overseas, where food creates huge buzz to the public. In connection to our main topic today, I know such famous blog sites mentioned have already exposed numerous bubble tea shops around the world that serve unique drinks. And we can tell how much you want to venture to each of them.


Speaking of bubble tea shops around the world, you may want to fill your bucket list with any of these:



San Gabriel, California
Known for: Serving alcoholic boba drinks


Instagram: @labobatory

This bubble tea store in San Gabriel, CA is next level. Aside for the awesome bar-like setting, cool (and cute) bartenders, and alcoholic boba nights, this store gives their booze-infused bubble teas creative names! Non-alcoholic drinkers don’t have to worry, though, because Labobatory also serves non-alcoholic boba teas they will surely enjoy. It’s a perfect place for people to refresh and have fun at the same time.


Class 302 Tea Cafe

Tustin, California
Known for: Self-service boba


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Instagram: @leslyram


This unique bubble tea store in Tustin, California gives bubble tea drinkers a chance to make their own cup of their favorite drink. With that being said – yes, they can load their cup with more than 1 choice of toppings. They only have to follow 4 simple instructions: put the cup, choose toppings, pour the choice of drink, and have them seal the cup.


Wow Bubble Tea & Snacks

Carrollton, Texas
Known for: Bubble tea with gigantic cotton candy on top


Instagram: @wowbubbletea


For cotton candy fanatics, this bubble tea store in Carrollton, TX, is their paradise. Can you still see the cup in the photo? We can’t too, because that giant cotton candy fluff is blocking it. The store also serves drinks that make every fairy tale come to life, such as their Rainbow Soda with special “fairy tails” topping.


Boba Tea Lounge

Covina, California

Known for: Boba cereal shake and custom shakes


Instagram: @boba_tea_lounge


For people who have undying love for cereals, the Boba Tea Lounge in Covina, CA is the perfect place to commemorate their favorite childhood breakfast in a tastier level. The store serves Reese puffs cereal shake with boba, fruity pebbles shake, Cap n’ Crunch shake, and much more. If it wasn’t enough, customers can also pair the drinks with crispy tots, curly fries, and nacho waffle fries. Good bye, diet.


Snow Monster

California, USA

Known for: Fancy bubble teas and treats so cute you can’t eat them.


Instagram: @snowmonsteroc


To people who are looking for a bubble tea store, which interiors, foods, and drinks are Instagram-worthy, Snow Monster in California is the top pick. It’s known for their bubble teas in fancy mason jars, double cups, or lightbulbs decorated with faux flowers or black bowties. They also serve treats that are too pretty to eat. No wonder it was featured once on Insider.


Snow Monster has branches established in Westminster, CA; Huntington Beach, CA; Irvine, CA; Long Beach, CA; Anaheim, CA; and Los Angeles, CA.


Bobii Fruitii Pastel

Taipei, Taiwan

Known for: Pretty pastel-colored bubble teas


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Instagram: @enjoy_your_life5955


Moving to Asia, there’s a boba tea shop in Taiwan that serves drinks layered with two pastel-colored slushies. Not only the drinks are easy on the eyes, customers can also pick light-colored boba toppings to make the drink prettier.



Taichung, Taiwan

Known for: Pearl Milk Tea Sundae


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Instagram: @hecheo_cafe


Still in the birthplace of milk tea, Taiwan, ISIT’s pearl milk tea is also next level. The shop caters the popular drink in sundae form, topped with cookie, corn flakes cereals, and boba pearls. Clearly, Taiwanese are unstoppable.


Square Bar Cafe

San Diego, California

Known for: Crepe cakes on bubble tea or shake drinks


Instagram: @squarebarcafe


When Californians get hungry and thirsty at the same time, Square Bar Café in San Diego got them covered. Who says crepe cakes won’t make a nice drink topping? In this café, customers can indulge on drool-worthy drinks served in regular plastic cup, double cup, or lightbulb – topped with crepe cake or fruity pebble ice cream sandwich. Once again, rest in peace, diet.


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